International Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes Against Humanity of the Castro Regime
Comisión Internacional para la Fiscalizacion de los Crimenes de Lesa Humanidad del Régimen Castrista

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3 Dec 2018 1:41 PM | Justicia Cuba (Administrator)

René Bolio, president of the International Commission for Justice in Cuba, who is being held responsible for crimes against humanity on the island, told Efe today that at the meeting to be held this Friday at the OAS, the files of the four first cases studied.

“We’re going to leave them ready to start the trial process.” They contain enough information and an “enormous evidentiary burden” so that “any court in the world” can judge those responsible, said the Mexican jurist in telephone statements.

However, he said that Justicia Cuba seeks the creation of an “ad hoc” tribunal to judge crimes against humanity on the part of the regime that emerged from the 1959 revolution, as happened with those committed by Nazism, Rwanda or the former Yugoslavia.

Bolio said that of the four cases that the commission has so far supervised, formed by jurists, human rights activists and politicians from several countries, not only Latin Americans, two are already “judicialized.”

The sinking of the tugboat in 1994, which left 37 dead, is in the orbit of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the shooting down of two small planes from Brothers to the Rescue in 1996, which cost the lives of four pilots, in the US justice system. he pointed.

The files of the four cases cover “the whole chain” of responsibilities, from the intellectual authors to those who executed the orders.

The next step, which he hopes will take place in 2019, is for the court to be set up and to “begin to resolve these cases.”
To achieve this, the commission, said Bolio, has already spoken with “several states” and international institutions and hopes that next year his efforts will provide him with the “teeth” he needs to achieve his goal.

Bolio stressed the importance of “political support” he has received from the Organization of American States (OAS), whose secretary general, Luis Almagro, will speak on Friday at the conference that will take place in Washington.

The Commission was created by lawyers, human rights activists and politicians from ten nations of Europe, America and Asia in March 2017 “after the increase in repression” on the island.


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